TT History

In 1998 Ed Lukowich began formulating Trillion Theory.
In 2001 Ed estimated and age cosmos at one Trillion years old.
In 2005 Ed stated that Black Holes were cosmic builders.
In 2012 Ed was featured in some newspaper articles.
In 2013 Ed published 'Trillion Theory' (1st book in series).
In 2015 Ed - 'Trillion Years Universe Theory' (2nd in series).
In 2015 Ed - 'Black Holes Built Our Cosmos' (3rd in series).
In 2016 Ed - 'T Theory Says, Who Owns Our Universe' (4th).
In 2017 'Spinning Black Holes Inside Our Earth' (5th in series)
In 2017 Ed built up followers in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

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