Robert Sawyer
"The Trillionist is an auspicious debut from a powerful new voice. Sage Rojan is a character you'll never forget." -- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues.

Matt Hughes

Audacious, unique, ‘The Trillionist’ delivers a grand, sweeping explanation of life, the universe and everything.” - Matt Hughes, author, most recent novel ‘Song of the Serpent.’ (writing as Hugh Matthews) and Paroxysm, (writing as Matt Hughes).

Mary Maxie

“Sagan Jeffries is an impressive new author. His sci-fi futuristic novel 'The Trillionist' is an impressive story; a 5 out of 5. Even though the story takes place on a different planet than Earth, I love his one reference to curling (Sagan Jeffries is the pen name of curler Ed Lukowich). I'm already looking forward to his next work.” - Mary Maxie – author, latest novel ‘A Teacher of Time: Berlin Wall.’

Susan Forest

"The Trillionist' is a unique sci-fi and ultra futuristic. Author Sagan Jeffries (pen name of Ed Lukowich) portrays in the novel a character who comes to his planet with runaway knowledge - problem is - will this extreme advantage be used for good or evil in a universe which behind the scenes appears nearly ageless. A must read."  Susan Forest - Speculative Fiction Author: 'Digging Deeper' and 'The Dragon Prince'