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TRILLION THEORY declares - our universe is an ancient trillion-years old. Whereas, 13.7 billion years is only the age of our present generation of stars. Trillion Theory explains cosmic history by stating, 'BLACK HOLES were and still are the builders of billions upon billions of spheres, solar systems, and galaxies'.

Welcome to Trillion Theory by founder Ed Luk.

 Read about how Black Holes BUILD our cosmos. 

The James Webb Telescope peers far out to SPACE to prove 

Trillion Theory that our COSMOS formed a trillion years ago.
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 Here are the main concepts in my Trillion Theory 

 1. Quadrillions of ancient Black Holes occupy our trillion-year cosmos
 2. TT says Black Holes are much more than just light and sun eaters. 
 3. Black Holes are sphere builders for solar systems and galaxies. 
 4. Eons ago a tiny Black Hole spun light forming Earth around itself. 
 Now the cloaked Black Hole inside Earth, provides spin and gravity. 
 5. But Earth's Black Hole is gradually losing its powerful control. 
 6. Hawking was wrong A Black Hole does not trap LIGHT forever. 
 7. TT says Light captured by a Black Hole always escapes, eons later. 
 8. Our Sun's tired Black Hole shows how matter escapes as Light. 
 9. Now from Earth's weakening Black Hole hot atoms unravel into lava. 
 10. Someday lava will over-run Earth's crust, totally torching the surface. 

 TT founder Ed Luk says, 
'Trillion years ago, first BLACK HOLES spun light into matter to build cosmic spheres. Today, BLACK HOLES recycle suns and solar systems inside ancient galaxies 100's of billions of years old!' 

 BLACK HOLES became prolific galaxy builders? 


 I'm the FIRST theorist to declare: 

🔺 Ancient Age: 1st to estimate cosmos as a trillion years old; this is far more ancient than the 13.7 billion years of our current generation of stars.

🔺 Ancient Supermassives: 1st to estimate the age of a Supermassive Black Hole at the hub of its galaxy at 100's of billions of years ancient. It has grown its galaxy through may generations of stars.

 🔺 Origin:  1st to say cosmos began small over a trillion years ago; then grew to a gargantuan 74 quintillion stars.

🔺 Black Holes are builders: 1st to show how Black Holes build new suns and solar systems inside of galaxies as old as 900 billion years.

🔺 A Black Hole eats light into matter with the goal of building a sphere around itself. Once full, the black hole slows its spin providing axial spin and gravity to the sphere which it occupies. 

🔺 Black Hole Inside Earth: 1st to declare that a smallish black hole resides inside Earth, providing our planet with axial spin and gravity.

🔺 Black Hole Inside Our Sun: 1st to declare a Black Hole inside our Sun. This larger black hole has gravitational control over each smaller black hole residing a planet or moon.

🔺 Full Black Holes Form a Solar System: After eating their fill of light, and their ferocity and spin rate slows, black holes work together, based upon their size, to build a solar system. The largest black hole (sun) assumes the central hub and forces the lesser sized black holes to orbit around the sun. 

 Books in the Trillion Theory series 

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Trillionist Ed Lukowich is world's newest theorist with his 6 book Trillion Theory series. "It is by traveling back a trillion years to the cosmic origin that we discover how the artificial intelligence of black holes built all the gigantic galaxies. Mechanisms hidden deep inside BLACK HOLES hold the greatest cosmic secrets."

My TT book series is in 6 paperbacks and E-books 

Trillion Theory published its 5 books series from 2013-2018 at Amazon.
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1 TT    2 TYUT    3 BHBC    4 TTSAYS    5 SBHIOE

Here are the books in my T Theory (TT) series:

Trillion Theory 1st book in T Theory series, published in 2015. Non-fiction, paperback and ebook. See TT's hidden mechanisms which grew our cosmos prodigiously over its trillion-year history. TT alters the cosmic origin, refuting Big Bang's claim of an explosive beginning only 13.7 billion years ago. Instead, TT shows an initial small cosmos growing into trillions of spheres in organized into solar systems and galaxies. 

Trillion Years Universe Theory published 2015; 2nd book in the T Theory series. In paperback and ebook. This book takes Trillion Theory and adds in an Interviewer, who on behalf of the reader, asks Ed pertinent questions regarding his new theory. Ed's T Theory shows an alternative for a cosmic origin, while refuting Big Bang's estimate of only a 13.7 billion year origin.  PAPERBACK    KINDLE   CHAPTERS  SWORDS  PDF

Black Holes Built our Cosmos published 2016; 3rd book in T Theory series. Paperback and ebook. T Theory credits black holes as the powerful scientific engines which systematically grew our cosmos prodigiously over its trillion eons. T Theory shows how Black Holes erected and propagated cosmos with billions to trillions of spheres, solar systems, and galaxies.   PAPERBAMAZON   KINDLE EBOOK     EPUB    PDF

T Theory Says: Who Owns our Universe published 2017; 4th book in T Theory series. In paperback and ebook. T Theory delves further into theory concerning ancient age and origin of cosmos, while focusing towards incredibly thought provoking dynamics, namely 'who scientifically deployed black holes to build cosmos?' and 'who owns our universe?'   PAPERB AMAZON   KINDLE   EPUB  Free PDF

Spinning Black Hole Inside Our Earth published 2017; 5th book in T Theory series. In paperback, ebook. This shortest series book (only 45 pages) is a brief summary of T Theory, focusing on the black hole inside of Earth. Showns how black holes form spheres around themselves and thereafter function in control of their sphere and any other smaller spheres in their orbits.  PAPERB AMAZON   KINDLE  EPUB
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Two new TT short summary books: 
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SuperMassive Ancient Galaxies >>
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 Here is Ed's sci-fi futuristic novel:
The Trillionist by Sagan Jeffries (pen name of Ed Lukowich)(published Sept 2013 by Edge Publishing).
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In this new futuristic sci-fi novel, 'Trillionist' is a new word, not yet found in a dictionary, defined as a being or entity who is a trillion years old. It is a derivative of 'trillion' plus the suffix 'ist'. Created by author Sagan Jeffries, The Trillionist promises to change your cosmic views. 

The Trillionist also goes by symbols: 

Right above, click on an individual symbol to discover its meaning. Also within the novel, use your cell phone over a QR code to visit Exhibits.
The Storyline: A miraculous young man on Planet Tidon is possessed with incredible abilities right from his first day of birth. If only he knew where they came from? It is up to him to overcome his villainous nature and save his world from catastrophe. In the process, he uncovers secrets depicting how our universe grew to a ginormous 73 quadrillion stars within billions of galaxies and solar systems.                       
Testimonial: "The Trillionist is an auspicious debut from a powerful new voice. Sage Rojan is a character you'll never forget." -- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues.
Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is the publisher of The Trillionist.

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