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QR Code # 1 'Maps' describes the fictional continent Bella Yareo and fictional Planet Tidon

'The Trillionist' fiction novel takes place on the large continent called Bella Yareo. Its main city is called Porturn.

The continent Bella Yareo resembles a large animal, with its mouth open, while lying on its stomach along the equator. Yareo is about four thousand miles long and is shaped like the letter Y.

The capital of Bella Yareo is Porturn city which is strategically located at the junction of the long stem of the Y on the West and the two sides of the V of the East of the continent. These parts meet at a tri-intersection ---- an epicenter axis meeting at the confluence of the three pieces of land.

The word Porturn means a port where travelers always have to make a turn if they want to get to other parts of the Y. Porturn is the largest city on the continent, boasting seven million residents. The continent Bella Yareo has over two hundred million people. Bella Yareo is the most prominent continent on this side of planet Tidon. On the far side of the planet (known as the dark side) is the less populated largest continent called Hebron.


'The Trillionist' novel takes place on planet Tidon.

Planet Tidon, over 90 million miles away from its sun Sintosy, has 3 moons of its own - Filus, Sotus, and Milus. The planet derived its name from the strong tides caused by the three moons. The planet is the second of seven planets from its sun Sintosy. Located in a perfect Goldilock's Zone, not too hot nor to cold to sustain life.

As a sphere, the planet is just over nine thousand miles in diameter and thirty thousand miles in circumference at the equator. It is predominantly covered by the water of its oceans. On this side of the planet, the continent known as Bella Yareo - meaning beautiful Yareo - is the largest continent. Off to the sides, like pillars sitting erect on the equator - are the two lesser smaller continents of Batakesh - two thousand to the west - and Orlandia (also known as Piratoria) - two thousand to the east. Named Piratoria becuase of the invasions by pirates from there onto the mainland of Bella Yareo. There are also ice-mass continents at the north and south poles. On the far side of the planet, known as the dark side, is the less populated, yet largest continent known as Hebron.
The Sintosy Solar System # 9827 is in the Melorius Spiral Galaxy # 542. Star Sintosy is a single brilliant G2 yellow dwarf star, some 12 billion years old and is in Spur # 22 of the swirling Cordia Arm 3, third of six arms in the Melorius Galaxy. The Melorius Galaxy is a spiral galaxy surrounded by spinning spiral arms, configured as a plate shaped disc with a bulge in the center and a spiral core housing a gigantic black hole.