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Light First - Incredible Properties of Light



When Artisan designed the Recycliun universe, able to be boundless in size, variety and complexity; this most amazing piece of creation magnificence was incredibly done from one substance.
Question: Which was first, light or a star? My answer: Light First Theory. Before there were spheres such as stars or before there was space, there was only light at the outset of our universe. Originally, there existed only light in every possible direction. At the starting point of our universe, light occupied 100% of the universe.

The implication of my new Light First Theory is that we are required to rearrange some of our views about our universe.
In the past, we have been taught that the Big Bang spread matter across space and that matter cooled and coalesced into orbs (planets, moons and stars). My new Light First Theory disputes that way of thinking. In my new Light First Theory, space did not exist prior to the formation of the orbs residing in our universe. Rather, space is what is left behind when all the light is captured and formed into those orbs.

Example: A grandmother knitting is a reasonable paradigm. Think of light as yarn and that yarn fills an entire room top to bottom. The grandmother knits using different amounts of yarn, knots, patterns, and tightness of yarn to make a scarf, toque, sweater, mitts, socks, or blanket. As she knits, her tight-knitted garments occupy a small area and large areas of empty air is left behind where the yarn used to be. Now, all the knitted articles look totally different, but underneath they are all made from one material - yarn. You can take every one of the knitted garments and unravel them back to their original yarn.

Thus, regardless of the disguise of many types of matter as a moon, planet or star, when you unravel all matter from those orbs, you release and discover tons of light.


Light is the most fantastic amazing substance. Yet, light is extremely humble about its properties. It has taken scientists thousands of years to unveil some of its hidden powers; scratching the surface to understand the full properties of light.

In space, light can travel as a single ray in a straight line for billions of miles, as it speeds to its unknown destination. Underneath, it carries its payload, a hidden tool chest. My new motto for Light: Always be prepared.

Upon arrival at a planetary station light immediately goes to work. Light, one hundred percent of the time, is constantly doing something in its role as the universal supplier. My other motto for Light: Always be in constant motion, ever-working.

Properties we already know about Light:
§ Light travels through space in a straight line at 186,262 miles per second. 
§ Light can travel 5.9 trillion miles in a year, and one parsec in 3.26 light years. 
§ Light slows when entering denser mediums: glass 124,000, diamond 77,500 miles per second.
§ Light can be absorbed, reflected, bent or refracted (rainbow colors ROYGBIV).
§ Light Formula E = MC2. The amount of energy (E) released from a single atom of matter depends upon its mass (m) multiplied times the speed of light (c) squared. That formula tells of the tremendous amount of light entrapped waiting for eons to escape
Properties which my new Theories add to the characteristics of Light:
§ Light carries inside of it more than just the electromagnetic spectrum and heat. It also carries with it weight, and the property of time.
§ Light is the universal supplier for making matter; the basic building material.
§ Light can do more than just bend (rainbow). Under a powerful force it can go past the bend stage and spin.

§ Light, when it is forced to spin, can spin sideways to form a ball called a helix (better known as an atom of matter).

§ Light can spin in various types of atoms of matter (basic elements of the periodic table) with varying lengths of strands and tightness of spin.

§ Light can have its head as an atom’s nucleus and its tail as the electrons.
§ Light has the property know as weight. So when it when spun into matter, light provides the weight for that matter.
§ According to my new Theory, in the nature of our universe, the only known natural power which can capture and spin light into matter is a 'Black Hole'.
§ Light spun into matter by a powerful Black Hole continues to spin for extremely long eons. 
§ Light trapped as matter always wants to someday escape. It wants to escape its spun state and always return to straight line light.
§ Light is always successful in its escape, away from matter and from a Black Hole, even if it takes billions of years.
§ Light Formula E = MC2. The amount of energy Light (E) released from a single atom of matter depends upon its mass (m) multiplied times the speed of light (c) squared. That formula tells of the tremendous amount of light entrapped waiting for eons to escape
§ Light was spun into an atom when it formed into matter.
§ Light is totally indestructible, no difference how many times it recycles.
§ Light is the ultimate recycling substance, recycling on to infinity.


Stage 1 of the Recycle - 'Straight' Line Light 
Light experiences freedom, travelling through space at the speed of straight line light
Stage 2 of the Recycle - 'Spun' into Matter (Creation Stage) 
Light is attracted, bent and then spun into matter by the powerful gravitational attraction and spin of a black hole
Stage 3 of the Recycle - 'Lock up' as Matter (Atom Stage)
Light is trapped inside of an atom of matter for eons as it has been slowed and captured to spin below its regular speed of light
Stage 4 of the Recycle - 'Unspin and Escape' back to freedom as straight line light
Light escapes the hold of an atom through the processes of fire, lightning, nuclear fission, or when an atom loosens it hold and light is emitted such as from the surface of a sun or star as straight line light