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QR Code # 9  'BHSplit' How Black Hole splits into Two
Sagan Jeffries - from his new proposed universe theories.
Black Hole splits and grows

Mechanism making the remnant black hole split in two.

The engines of the universe are black holes. They are indestructible. Try to destroy a black hole and it splits into two. At Supernova, the sun jumps into an instant fast rotation, as matter leaving its surface spins it ferociously. There is an equal and opposite reaction within the core, causing the black hole helix to split and bust into two black holes – reproduction. Thus, two new binary black holes are the result, spinning in opposite directions.

The two new black holes are larger than the original single black hole fifteen billion years earlier as more length and girth has been added to their central helix. This increase in central axis size remains with the two new black holes. Thus, black holes become more powerful, and spin into larger spheres each new recycle.
The speed of spin of a Black Hole changes with it load. Naked empty Black Holes, spin the quickest as they attract and spun light into matter. The speed of this spin slows as they fill up and grow into a planet and further slow as they become a gigantic sun. Planets closest to a sun spin the slowest as they are abnormally affected by the powerful gravity of the magnitude of the sun. 

However, this spin violently increases again at the time of Supernova for a sun as the congregation of unspinning atoms whips the sun into a fast turning speed, sufficient to split the black hole at it core into two new naked black holes. This starts the recycling process again.

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