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From 'The Trillionist' novel. Here is further explanation of the concept ideas which Sagan Jeffries used to describe his thoughts about the Spirit World. He explains the following:
Artisan, Empyrean, Firmament
Splinter Spirits
Incarnations; Reincarnations

Clearing Chambers

Tether - how it Functions



A section describing outside our universe: the Artisan, the Empyrean, the Firmament and the workings of the outer Spirit world which develops the spirits which descend into humans - organics - living on planets inside the universe. 
These sections deal with - outside of our universe - as spoken of in the novel 'The Trilliionist.'

This deals with entities - spirits - and how they do visitations– incarnations and reincarnations – into organic forms on planets hospitable to life within our inner universe. Terms such as Artisan, Empyrean, Firmament, and Tether are all taken from ideas which have been proposed by humans previously and currently.

Should this ‘Outer Universe’ or spirit world actually exist, it might be far different than anyone has ever imagined. If we, as humans, are still just trying to get ‘a handle’ on our physical universe which we can see with our own eyes, then we might be trillions of inklings away from being able to accurately suggest what an - Outer Universe - might be like. Yet, to make that effort is to start.
Here are the concepts which Sagan Jeffries used in 'The Trillionist.'
The 'Outer' looking inward onto our inner universe, is comprised of: the Artisan Creator; then a highest Empyrean level of overseers and the highest ranking complex administrative spirits; then below that is the Firmament with its working area for toiling spirits who painstakingly take care of the operations of the orbs and spheres inside the universe. They also follow directions from the Empyrean and prepare and cleanse spirits prior to their visitations into organics down on the planets.

This section examines:



Ageless omnipresent creator who deployed methodologies beyond our comprehension to design and craft the inner universe more than a trillion years ago. The ageless Artisan operates from the upper most part of the Empyrean.


The highest house of the Artisan. Home of the Artisan Creator and the closest powerful staff of Supervisors which oversee the Firmament, and through the Firmament control the workings of the universe of planets, suns and galaxies. It is here, at the Empyrean where the hierarchy makes the utmost major decisions as made which relate to our universe.

Directly below the Empyrean is the area referred to as the Firmament. It is the working area, overseeing the inner universe of spheres, space and time. Supervisors from the Empyrean direct instructions to spirit-workers in the Firmament to fulfill their wishes as pertains to the inner universe. 
The oldest Spirits of the Empyrean and Firmament date back over a trillion years. There are also many are young – newly created - spirits; while some are ultra-centurions, even Trillionists. Every spirit is able to do small splinters from its main entity making possible a multitude of simultaneous visitations into organics: vegetative, viral, bacterial, insect, reptilian, animal, mammal. 

The absolute most complex spirit, the Artisan Creator of this universe of ours, has been around since eternity. Too, have many of the top assistant-supervisors under the Artisan.
All other spirits have been drawn from a ‘spirit pool’ and each new spirit gains a designation. Many of these spirits are ultra-centurions over millions and billions of years, even Trillionists dating back over a trillion years to the beginning period of this universe when the first spirits came down and took organic lives on planets. Also, new young spirits – to meet the demand - are continually brought forward into existence by the Artisan who constructs each new spirit entity from the pool of available spirit material.

This spirit world is tremendously complex. 
Every individual spirit is comprised of its Main Entity, and from that Main Entity the spirit can deploy tiny Splinters from itself to complete missions – visitations - down to a planet within the universe. Thereby the spirit can make several visits down to several planets at the same time – into a multitude of organics: vegetative, viral, bacterial, insect, reptilian, animal, mammal.


In the Firmament, the spirits in charge of Visitations are known as Castellans. They oversee the journey of a Visitant down into an organic on a planet from start to finish.
Castellan >>> once pregnancy has taken place down on a planet, the Castellan records the fact in the Firmament declaring that a new Castellan be selected to oversee that new life once it is born. Castellans can select from the list putting their name forward to handle that new coming life. Once a final selection is made, that chosen Castellan is totally in charge of that coming life, unless assistance is required.

The duties of a Castellan begin:
Staging >>> Prep of the Visitant Splinter – the spirit chosen to live that live may have lived a multitude of various lives before down on planets – vegetative or animal lives.
The chosen spirit gives forth a Splinter (a tiny section of its entire spirit body Main Entity) to live that new life. The main spirit may be living a multitude of various types of lives at one time, and have many Splinters employed simultaneously. This one Splinter has all the properties of the main spirit, only smaller. Getting to work, the Splinter can utilize the Staging working area to peer into the inner universe, to the chosen planet, to the life situation, to learn and prepare.

Cleansing and Clearing of the Visitant Splinter >>> this process takes place at the Cleansing Chambers. There is a formula used by the Castellan to cleanse the Splinter prior to its departure as a Visitant. For humans, the cleansing away of the memory of past lives and spirit knowledge is nearly 100%, with only a tiny residue left of any past lives.
As the prospective Splinter slowly slides through the Cleansing Chambers, the Castellan monitors the cleanse and upon its completion Clears the Splinter for the Visitation

Tether Monitoring of the Visitants life >>> the Castellan, who remains in the Firmament, monitors the Visitant Splinter as it proceeds down an invisible Tether hookup to the organic body on the planet. The Visitant spirit takes up the life prior to birth and stays within the organic for as many years as it lives. The Tether connection between Visitant and the Firmament stays in place for the duration of that life. Continual information passes from the Visitant on the planet, up the invisible Tether back to the Firmament where the Castellan keep tabs on the Visitant’s life.

Retrieval of the Visitant after the life >>> after the death of its organic life, the Visitant spirit ascends back up the invisible Tether to the Firmament. That one particular Visitation is over. The Castellan in charge retrieves the Visitant back up the tether into the Firmament.

Archiving of the Visitants life >>> together, the Castellan and Visitant spirit review, catalogue and archive the life which was just lived into the vaults to be sent from the Firmament to the Empyrean above. The Splinter returns back to its Main Entity body adding the learning and experiences of its latest life back into its Main Entity spirit.

Organics on planets can’t see the invisible Tether which connects them with the Firmament during their life on a planet.
We organics down on a planet are 'planet-stuck-thinkers' who find it very cumbersome, difficult and most often impossible to visualize outside the box. They can’t see the Empyrean or the Firmament or the spirit workers, or even their own Tethers. These are all invisible to their organic senses.


A Visitation is a spirit’s first trip Incarnation to a specific planet into an organic (plant, reptile, animal, mammal, human, insect, bacteria, or virus).A Revisitation - Reincarnation - is spirit’s second or subsequent trips into another major organism on that same planet. These subsequent trips carry more déjà vu than a first visitation because only 99.9999999% of the memory is wiped away at the Firmament’s clearing process. Thus, a tiny amount of residual memory remains and is carried by the splinter spirit.

With lower level organics such as birds, only about 80% of memory is erased by the Firmament’s clearing process, thus enabling more instinct to come down to the planet with that splinter into that organism.
During a Visitation down to a planet, the organic cannot see the invisible Tether which connects them with the Firmament during their life.
During a Visitation, the invisible single cable-line Tether is how a splinter descends then stays hooked to the organic and connected to the Firmament throughout its entire life on the planet till the organic dies, wherein the splinter re-ascends utilizing the tether.

The invisible Tether is the spirit's connection between its life on the planet and the Firmament during its Visitation to the planet. Its the way in - and also the way out - so that the spirit does not lose its way. It is also the lifeline recording the spirit's splinter story which is taken back to its main entity in the Firmament.

Tethering is but one of the processes which occur at the Firmament's Clearing Chambers. The processes include: 1- splintering station, 2 - screening station, 3 - filtering station, 4 - tethering station, 5 - descent meter station.

These processes at ‘clearing’ are overseen by the particular Castellan Sentinel in charge of overseeing that spirit’s particular visitation.

After the conclusion of the spirit’s life inside an organic down in the inner universe, the spirit returns to the Firmament coming back up its tether. The Castellan oversees the recording and cataloguing of the splinter’s new experiences to its main spirit archives.
Thus, an older spirit entity would be very large as each addition of archived experiences adds to its overall size.