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TRILLION THEORY declares - our universe is an ancient trillion-years old. Whereas, 13.7 billion years is only the age of our present generation of stars. Trillion Theory explains cosmic history by stating, 'BLACK HOLES were and still are the builders of billions upon billions of spheres, solar systems, and galaxies'.


Welcome to the Exhibits Library where a reader of my novel entitled 'The Trillionist' can discover supplementary information relating to the novel by deploying their cell phone over a QR code in the novel.
When a reader of the novel deploys their cell phone to read a certain QR Code located in the novel, they are connected to a particular Exhibit in this Exhibits Library. 
The Exhibits provide information on the new universe theories put forward and proposed by author Sagan Jeffries. Click directly on the Exhibit # to gain entry.

Exhibit 1 (Bella Y and Tidon)
         Exhibit 2 (Old Big Bang)         
Exhibit 3 (Quantronix Machine)
Exhibit 4 (Light First)
Exhibit 5 (Age of Recycliun)
Exhibit 6 (Black Hole Catalysts)
Exhibit 7 (Black Hole Splits)
Exhibit 8 (Visitations)
Exhibit 9 (Trillionist Symbols)
Either click on Exhibit 9 for more or read in brief form right here. Sagan Jeffries explains his symbol names for Spirits: (note: Symbols in the novel 'The Trillionist' may vary slightly from those used on this website due to printer settings deployed).
Explain Names of Spirits
Significance of Each Symbol

History of the Spirit know as  
Sage was a new young Spirit


let's start with the oldest spirit:

The spirit known in short form as   has a complicated spirit’s name (due to its great age and experiences), designated in spirit nomenclature as:
 The letter A is signified by this symbol
 The letter V is signified by this symbol
781 Number of levels that spirit has attained
 Vegetative visitations taken to this power
 Animal visitations taken to this power

It takes hundreds of billions of years to earn the Symbols that an ancient spirit such as    gained through Firmament work and through thousands and millions of vegetative and animal Visitations into organics on planets.