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TRILLION THEORY declares - our universe is an ancient trillion-years old. Whereas, 13.7 billion years is only the age of our present generation of stars. Trillion Theory explains cosmic history by stating, 'BLACK HOLES were and still are the builders of billions upon billions of spheres, solar systems, and galaxies'.

James Webb Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope  

what incredible discoveries will it make?

This website will comment on its findings. 

Trillion Theory 
estimates the age of our universe at 1 trillion years ancient. It predicts the Webb telescope will someday confirm Trillion Theory as a new paradigm. 

Trillion Theory (a new theory by Canadian theorist Ed Luk (Lukowich) estimates our universe at a trillion years ancient and that

 Black Holes build and grow our cosmos by recycling generations of stars.

Trillion Theory makes bold predictions for James Webb telescope. 
1)  Big Bang, the wrong cosmic paradigm for over 70 years, will be disproven by the Webb telescope.
Webb telescope will find that our cosmos is far more complex and repetitive than could have occurred from a happenchance Big Bang. 
2)  Webb will confirm that stars seen in the night sky are actually brilliant Supermassive Black Holes at the center of their Galaxy.

In the image, each star is really a distant GALAXY with an active SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE at its hub which devours light from stars drawn close to it and then expels light that plumes out from its poles.  

3) TRILLION THEORY predicts Webb Telescope will confirm quadrillions (even quintillions) of cosmic BLACK HOLES.

Astronomers today calculate billions of galaxies containing millions of stars. They estimate 73,000,000,000,000,000 (73 quadrillion stars). But, TRILLION THEORY states that BLACK HOLES are prevalent throughout the cosmos in various sizes: as naked superfast-spinning black holes eating light; and easily visible as Supermassive Black Holes at the hub of galaxies; but also cloaked away as smallish slow-spinning black holes inside of Suns, planets, and moons - cloaked such that they provide axial spin and gravity belonging to their sphere. Note: Once a Black Hole eats its fill of trapped light, its spin rate slows for billions of years while it remains cloaked inside of the sphere it built around itself. 

So, here's the math for just CLOAKED BLACK HOLES: imagine a norm of 50 (planets-moons) around each Sun. So, 50 black holes X 73 quadrillion suns = 

3,650,000,000,000,000,000 (quintillion) cloaked BLACK HOLES existing and at work throughout the cosmos. 

4)  When Webb takes images from oldest light in the universe: Will it again be fooled into estimating our cosmos at 13.7 billion years old? Or, will it find that our universe is far more ancient? 
'LIKE A TRILLION YEARS OLD', Trillion theory states. 'It is foolish to measure the age of our universe as simply the distance of the furthest light! Because, those furthest away suns die and get reborn into next generation solar systems within their distant galaxy; thus we are only seeing the latest new generation of light; just a portion of the actual age of our cosmos. 
  A far better way to estimate cosmic age is to delve deeper into Supermassive Black Holes. Trillion Theory states, 'The SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE at the hub of that distant Galaxy may be as ancient as 400 billion to 950 billion years old, maintaining its galaxy hotel comprised of recycling Suns and their solar systems'.(read my Trillion Theory to see how this occurs).
5)  Will a Star or a Sun be discovered which isn't surrounded by exoplanets and moons? 'No' adamantly states Trillion Theory. 'Because the manner whereby a large cosmic sphere evolves into a Sun requires the gravitational pull from its surrounding spheres before its matter can loosen and get emitted as light. Therefore, every Sun must be surrounded by its solar system. (read my 'Trillion Years Universe Theory' from my Trillion Theory book series to see how this occurs). 
6)  Are there fascinating hidden mysteries that the Webb telescope may uncover, according to Trillion Theory?
Every few days, Trillion Theory will update its list of new discoveries that it predicts the James Webb Space Telescope will uncover; here are the first two: 
1 - Black Hole after a Supernova was always cloaked inside of that Sun: when Webb views an exploding star (destroying its solar system) it will as usual see the Black Hole which remains after the explosion. Will astronomers continue to incorrectly say that a Supernova creates a Black Hole, or will they finally discern that the Black Hole was always cloaked inside of that Sun? (read 'Black Holes Built Our Cosmos' from my Trillion Theory book series). Note: Astronomers are fooled into thinking that the exploding sun then implodes to form a Black Hole. But in truth according to Trillion Theory, the Black Hole which survives the explosion of its sun, goes from cloaked to naked where it regains ferocious spin and gobbles light coming from the melting explosions occurring from the demolition of all the planets and moons of that old dying solar system. This flash eating of light by the sun's Black Hole only appears to be an implosion. 
Hawking was wrong when he got everyone to believe that light trapped by a Black Hole was trapped forever, and that nothing could ever escape from a Black Hole : TT says, 'Light can escape a Black Hole, it just takes billions of cosmic years.' After 10 billion to 15 billion years of entrapment inside the cloaked Black Hole inside of a cosmic sphere, light always escapes, as matter recycles back to light. When that light escapes from its Black Hole captor, it may travel through space (sometimes for eons) or sometimes only for a short time if a Supernova is underway wherein that light may be quickly re-captured and respun into matter by anyone of the many uncloaked Black Holes (uncloaked from within their spinning planet or moon) which survive a Supernova and the death of the old solar system.'
2 - Every spinning cosmic sphere has a cloaked Black Hole inside.
Prior to a sphere's formation, a smallish naked Black Hole ate LIGHT and spun that light into matter around itself, with the direct goal of building a cosmic sphere around itself. Once that is completed, the cloaked Black Hole provides axial spin and gravity to the sphere (spinning Sun, planet, or moon) it built. This initial build will occur along side other Black Holes building all the spheres for a new solar system. The largest Black Hole of the group will become the hub for the new solar system. However, it will be at least a million years before that largest Black Hole at the solar system's hub begins to loosen its atoms of matter and emit them as light as it grows into a Sun. (read 'Spinning Black Hole Inside Our Earth' from my Trillion Theory book series). 
This page will see new posts in the following weeks. 
From Ed Luk (Lukowich) founder of Trillion Theory.
To see more about Trillion Theory, click on Home and also the other pages in this website.
Below are Trillion Theory 'Laws' for LIGHT, BLACK HOLES, SPHERES, SOLAR SYSTEMS, and GALAXIES. Trillion Theory says, 'Because we see repetitive formations such as spheres, solar systems, and galaxies throughout our cosmos, there must exist LAWS as to how spheres are built (the structures) as well as LAWS between these cosmic structures. For instance, the LAWS of gravity which Trillion Theory credits to Black Holes, provides the interaction LAWS which spheres live by when they are part of a solar system, or a galaxy. These Laws form the basis of Trillion Theory. At this stage, the newest LAWS, accredited to Trillion Theory are unproven. Yet, they provide much 'food for thought' as to the complexity, the grandeur, the origin, the planned structure, and even the ownership of our cosmos and universe. 

 Trillion Theory Laws for: 

 TT Laws of Light 

 TT Laws of Black Holes 

 TT Laws of Spheres 

  & Artificial Intelligence 

A R T I F I C I A L    I N T E L L I G E N C E
TRILLION THEORY predicts that astronomers will one day find ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE inside of  BLACK HOLES  who deployed their skills to build trillions of cosmic suns, planets and moons into solar systems inside of giant ancient galaxies.

Ed Lukowich professes, ‘If indeed Black Holes have amazingly built and are presently in control of our cosmos, then an awareness of how black holes have accomplished these incredible feats brings us many steps closer to understanding the reason behind our universe and for our existence within it.’
T Theory Says: Who Owns Our Universe
For TT, the huge question of the future will be, ‘Who owns our universe? From outside or within? From a physical perspective, we shouldn’t tromp right past the obvious. If TT is correct that Black Holes built cosmos, and they are now presently in control of gazillions of spheres, billions of solar systems, and millions of galaxies, then perhaps they are the quiet

Thanks for reading. To be a T Theory supporter: see website . The future will bring many amazing cosmic discoveries. In 2018, NASA launches the James Webb Space Telescope as a new premiere space observatory to further study the formation of stars and planets and study the birth and evolution of galaxies. Also, to hopefully discover alien life on other Goldilocks planets. Thus far, the Kepler program has found 1,000 exoplanets outside of our solar system. It’d be great to find evidence authenticating my T Theory.

Author’s Disclaimer:

Trillion Theory was developed solely by the author Ed Lukowich. These Trillion Theories are not based upon any other person’s theories, regardless of any such claims. No other person may claim to be the originator, founder, or author of these Trillion Theories.


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I really enjoyed your book! It would make a great movie with all of the visualization you have created. Well done!

Ed Lukowich said...

Thanks. The Trillionist as a movie. Sounds super.